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Cute Silver Heart Earrings

Here’s how to make these super cute, super simple, stylish little earrings. They brighten up your outfit and give you a fresh look!


Materials you’ll need:

-Two 2″ silver/gold 24 gauge eye pins

-Two silver/gold earring hooks

-Two 1″ 24 gauge silver/gold pins

-Four 4mm beads (different or the same colors)

-Two larger matching beads (same color as small ones or different)

Tools: round-nose pliers, wire snips, your fingers!

Step 1: Take the end of the eye pin that has the eye already formed and move about a 1/3 up the stick and bend. Then shape the center of the heart, and the bend the last part into the second half of the heart. (It’ll take some practice to get a good heart shape)

Step 2: Place two of the small beads onto the end of the pin. (I used Swarovski crystals, but you can use whatever beads you choose.) Make an eye at the end and secure this eye to the first eye.

Step 3: Take the large bead and place it onto one of the pins. Cut off the excess, leaving enough to create an eye. Secure this eye onto the bottom of the heart.

Step 4: Open up the eye of the earring hook and attach to one half of the heart and close.

Step 5: Make the other earring.

Congratulations! You’ve just made a super adorable pair of earrings you can use any time.

If your creative side isn’t out, however, I am now offering a special labor day sale on these earrings: Swarovski Heart Earrings.